A diverse, non-profit, parent-run preschool offering an experiential play-based educational program for children ages 3-5 yrs old.

Our Parents

Our Teachers

     AGUIE OSONEKO was born in Argentina and moved to Texas in middle school.  As an undergraduate she devoted her time in the art studio. After obtaining her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts, she found using her creativity in the classroom gives her art the most meaning. This newfound  love was first developed at a preschool in Austin, Texas, for five years, with the role of teacher, art instructor, and summer camp counselor. Those years in the classroom brewed an interest in diving deeper into early childhood education, which led her to a Reggio Emilia inspired school in Boulder, Colorado. Here she attended a teaching preparation program that awarded her with a Master’s in Human Learning and Development. The program even afforded her the opportunity to visit Reggio Emilia, Italy, and further her understanding of their community-based teaching and contextual curriculum building based on children's interests. She believes that children are innately curious and seek answers naturally. Her philosophies are rooted in the idea that when we give children room to play and explore, with just the right amount of support, the most genuine learning happens.
     EMILY DAVIS graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington with a degree in Early Childhood Education and has been an educator for close to twenty years. She is a licensed teacher, who has worked in both public and private schools in North Carolina, New York City and Massachusetts which has afforded her exposure to the various techniques and educational philosophies of these areas. Her experience includes classroom teaching, consulting and director of a Reggio Emilia inspired school in New York City. She is trained in the Reggio Emilia style of teaching and learning which forms curriculum based on the interests of the children. She has a passion for exploring children’s thought processes by providing materials that extend problem solving techniques and help children reach higher levels of thinking through play. Creative arts and their role in learning also has a strong influence on her teaching style.

     Parents' Community Preschool (PCP) was organized in 1978 by parents who wanted their children to have an absorbing and stimulating preschool experience that would encourage creative self-expression, provide opportunities to learn about and explore their community and environment, and imaginatively support the development of pre-math and language skills through experiential play. PCP is the only parent cooperative preschool for children in Wilmington.

Parents play a central role in the life of the school. In addition to working in the classroom, parents participate in all aspects of the school including serving on the Board of Directors, curriculum development, fundraising and maintenance. Opportunities exist for parents to use their skills and talents to become involved in their child's education. 

PCP Parents:

  • Aide in the classroom
  • Organize field trips
  • Serve on a committee (fundraising, building, hospitality, etc.)
  • Participate on the Board of Directors

Our Story